NCS School Review and Improvement Services

Consistent quality, effectiveness and value

National Curriculum Services is the most experienced of the review service providers, having been contracted by Victorian Department of Education (DOE) for all review types since 1996. The consistent quality and effectiveness of NCS reviews over this period and number of schools is attested to by DET and school level feedback.

Our successful track record is the result of NCS’s distinctive approach to reviews – a team of skilled and capable reviewers using evidence-based techniques to ensure a review is tailored to the individual school’s context and needs.

The NCS goal is to provide an effective and highly valued review and improvement service to DOE, Regions, and schools.

A team of expert reviewers

NCS reviewers are experts in all aspects of reviews – their capabilities proven through experiences across a range of schools and review types.

They are highly experienced in working collaboratively to plan and prepare for reviews and articulating focused Terms of Reference that will ensure productive panel meeting outcomes. They facilitate highly effective review panel meetings, structuring and facilitating challenging conversations around school improvement while including the range of stakeholders involved.

Our reviewers are skilled in data analysis with a detailed understanding of DOE improvement measures and school-generated data, possessing the capacity to highlight critical school performance patterns.

Our reviewers are knowledgeable about the the Education State improvement agenda and incorporating the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) into the review process.

They support review panels by producing clear written reports with focused recommendations matched to each school’s distinctive challenges that will support a school in developing its next School Strategic Plan.

In addition to Facilitating Peer Reviews and Leading Priority Reviews, NCS offers a full suite of other school improvement services including:

  • Supporting School Pre-Review Self-Evaluations
  • Strategic Planning, including development of Strategic Plans and Annual Implementation Plans
  • Building Alignment between Strategic Plans and other Performance Plans
  • Preparing for VRQA registration requirements
  • Intervention Services

NCS is wholly owned by a not-for-profit teacher professional association.

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